Friday, November 25, 2016


Joe's parents were able to come over from Mali where they are stationed.  This is the first time in a long time that we have been able to spend time with them.  The boys loved it as they were able to show Grandpa their "BIG" Muscles.  It was also one of the few times that we have all been together (Amy's parents on the left, Joe's on the right)
Their main reason for making the 3 day trip was to bring us the rest of our outfit that we had sent in one of their containers two years ago.  However, it probably wouldn't have happened without a little Grandkid time bribing
We had a wonderful time and even made a trip to Benin where Dad Marine installed cabinates and electric, Joe worked on plumbing, and Dad Marshall welded up trusses for the housing at the clinic
There were a few minor truck problems, but nothing that couldn't be fixed on the road.  Mom and Dad Marshall left just before Thanksgiving and made it safely back to Mali.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Getting back to Benin!!!

We had the opportunity to get back to Benin for a couple weeks to do some work on the Clinic property.  We were able to take a look at our Future Home, though it is still in the early stages of construction.  Amy wanted to get an idea of how the Doctor's home was laid out, so we did that and also did some work on the Doctors home.  We will probably move into the Dr's home for a couple months in December while ours is completed.  Currently the Butrouses are still in language study in France.

While in Benin, we found out that the Container  with all the solar for the clinic, medical supplies, as well as some of our things was at the port, and headed our way.  Here is a short Video on receiving the container.

Hope you enjoy it!!!!

We are back in Niger for a Month before I (Joe) will be going down to help install the solar and continue working on our future home.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Finally in Africa

We have finally made it to the Continent of Africa, and we are so excited to see what God does in the next several months.  All of our baggage made it, and we are getting settled into the temporary mission housing where we will be until we make our move to our permanent ministry location.
One of the first things Amy did was to have some African cloths made for us.  She had fun picking out material with her Mother and then found a good Tailor to put it together.  Fun thing is we can have cloths made for us cheaper than buying them, so no guessing on sizes anymore.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paris part 2

So we spent an entire day examining some of the battles of WWI and some of the reasons for that war, as well as saw the site where the French Revolution started.  As well as the location were Louis XVI was stopped and arrested while trying to escape the Country.
But now we are in Paris, and Amy is eager to show the boys some of the French Revolution Landmarks here.
 This is the castle where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned.  It served as one of the last stops before the accused were tried and executed.  We also saw the place of the Bastille and some other spots of Historical note. 

Of Course no trip to Paris would be complete without viewing some of the other Iconic Tourist attractions.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


We have been in France for 8 Months now and have really not done any site-seeing.  We decided to take the kids to Paris and see some of the historical sites before leaving the country.
 First Stop:  Uncle Don Marshall took us to see some of the WWI trenches and the Crown Prince of Austria's Bunker during the war near VerDunn.  We later say the second largest US military foreign Cemetery where at one time 48,000 Us military service men were buried.   The boys learned about the first World War as well as some about the second.

Here is a US WWII tank that was left behind while the Allies pushed Germany out of France.
From here we are on our way to Paris to learn more about the French Revolution.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bit of a Switch

This Month will prove interesting as I (Joe) stay home with the kids and continue their home schooling while Amy starts her classes at the French school.  Granted the kids will have a reduced workload, but I get to be Mr. Mom for about 3-4 weeks and keep the home running.  Should be fun.
Amy will be working on speaking now that she has a good foundation of the language.
Her Tutor has done very well at working out the Grammar and developing her Vocabulary.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nearing the End

Well, this is the last Month of Class for Joe.  Amy will begin her three week speaking course next month right after exams for this last semester.  We are at the level that the Field asked us to be at, and are looking forward to moving to Africa by the end of this Summer.